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By: Michael E. Hattersley, Linda McJannet / Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education / Date Puplished: 6-04-2014, 11:50

Management Communication"Management Communication, 3/e" by Hattersley and McJannet offers a comprehensive, well-researched solution to teaching management communication. This text and casebook includes essential coverage of effective writing and speaking principles. It aims to help the reader master the full range of skills required of a successful manager. Most of the eighteen end-of-chapter case studies were developed at Harvard Business School where Dr. Hattersley headed the Management Communication Department and where Dr. McJannet taught (under her married name, Linda McJ. Micheli). The cases put the reader in the role of decision maker and communicator in actual business situations. While the text emphasizes practical communication skills every manager needs to master, it also includes full chapters on electronic communication, corporate ethics, audience analysis, meeting management, giving and receiving feedback, choosing media, style and tone, intercultural communication, and business and the press. The two concluding chapters provide two style manuals, the first on writing and the second on speaking, through the use of graphics and group presentations. Each is designed to be cross-referenced throughout the course and serve as a valuable resource for readers to refer to throughout their careers.

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