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By: Michael Randall, Karen E. Neil / Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press / Date Puplished: 13-09-2013, 21:28

Disease ManagementThis is a clinical pharmacy textbook that applies pharmacology into practice using a holistic approach to the management, treatment and monitoring of various diseases. Pharmacy undergraduate teaching has been changing and evolving over the years to reflect the evolving role of the pharmacist. The undergraduate syllabus is moving more towards clinical pharmacy as the role of the pharmacist changes to more of a consultancy role involving patient care. This book has always aimed to address this change by applying pharmacology into clinical practice using a holistic approach. Taking common diseases by system, this book deals with the common therapeutic issues. Each section includes an outline/description of the disease, clinical features, pharmacology of therapeutics used to monitor the condition, treatment guidelines, interactions and counselling of the patient. Drug choice tables and interactions tables are included along with case studies, practice points and self-assessment questions. Following are the amendments for this new edition: all chapters are updated to include guidance- introduction chapter will be completely rewritten- it features major updates to responding to symptoms, lifestyle and adverse drug reaction chapters- it contains new chapters on Obesity and Parkinson`s disease- more diagrams are added, including diagnostic flow charts/algorithms- and, it contains self assessment questions.

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